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“My hope, as President of the Rotary Club of Duvall, is to maintain the high standards set by my predecessors in that office.

My focus is to make our Club relevant to our Community, support our youth and add new, high-quality members.”

Mike Chapman, President, Rotary Club of Duvall 2022-2023

Summer Stage Beer & Wine Garden Wednesdays in August

Join our Rotarians of Duvall at this year’s Duvall Summer Stage Beer & Wine Garden!

August 3 CHANCE MCKINNEY (country/pop)
August 10 STEPHANIE ANNE JOHNSON (country/soul)
August 17 HEART BY HEART (classic rock) featuring original Heart members Michael Derosier and Steve Fossen
Concerts take place on Wednesdays from 7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.


Slide JOIN the FUN! Ready to join a group of talented, community focused
locals who make a difference for Duvall and Carnation?

We meet at 7:30am on most Wednesdays
in the Assembly Hall of Riverview School District
Slide Our February 2022 fundraiser
was a huge success! SOLD OUT!
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Slide Service Above Self Giving a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteers do not
necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.


Veteran’s Day Breakfast 2021

Veteran’s Day Breakfast 2021 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

Walking the Hearts

Walking the Hearts 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

Duvall Has Heart 2021 Videos

Duvall Has Heart 2021 Videos 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

Veteran’s Day 2020 Soldier Gift Bags | Rotary Club of Duvall

Veteran’s Day 2020 Soldier Gift Bags | Rotary Club of Duvall 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

What I Love About the Rotary Club of Duvall

What I Love About the Rotary Club of Duvall 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

Ways to Give & Why

Ways to Give & Why 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

What Makes a Strong Rotary Club President

What Makes a Strong Rotary Club President 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall

If I Had A Wish for the Rotary Club of Duvall

If I Had A Wish for the Rotary Club of Duvall 1024 576 Rotary Club of Duvall


Join Leaders, Exchange Ideas, Take Action!


Welcome to the Rotary Club of Duvall (and Carnation)! We are a local chapter of the Rotary International service organization, where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.


Providing humanitarian, civic and education contributions to the local, regional and international communities, charities and programs served by Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Duvall in the spirit of “Service Above Self”


  • an organization of individuals united worldwide who provide community service, encourage high ethical standards and help build goodwill
  • a caring organization that promotes humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs that touch people’s lives
  • an organization that provides over $77 million annually for international projects that improve the quality of life for millions of people
  • an organization committed to eradicate polio worldwide
  • a membership organization with the opportunity to visit any of the 31,314 Rotary Club’s worldwide


“We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good.
With you, we can accomplish even more!”


Imagine Sharing…

  • Friendship
    • People of like mind
    • A basic human need: one of two reasons Paul Harris began Rotary in 1905
  • Business Development
    • Networking: second reason for Rotary’s founding
  • Leadership Development
    • Rotary club positions: committees and involvement
  • Community
    • Community citizen: contribute locally in activities
    • Give back to the community
    • Present yourself to the community
  • Fun
    • Rotary is fun. Club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. Service is fun.
  • Citizenship in the World
    • Instant friends: Rotary Clubs throughout the world
  • Family Programs
    • Youth programs: high school and college clubs
  • Vocational Skills
    • Growth and development: Rotary encourages sharing knowledge
  • Ethics Reinforcement
    • Rotary 4-Way Test: ethical standards to be followed in business and personal relationships
  • Cultural Awareness
    • Many of the world’s prominent citizens are Rotarians

4-Way Test

From the earliest days of the organization, Rotarians were concerned with promoting high ethical standards in their professional lives. One of the world’s most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics is The Four-Way Test, which was created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor (who later served as RI president) when he was asked to take charge of a company that was facing bankruptcy.

This 24-word test for employees to follow in their business and professional lives became the guide for sales, production, advertising, and all relations with dealers and customers, and the survival of the company is credited to this simple philosophy. Adopted by Rotary in 1943, The Four-Way Test has been translated into more than a hundred languages and published in thousands of ways.

Rotary Foundation of Duvall A 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization
The ROTARY FOUNDATION OF DUVALL, a component of Rotary Club of Duvall, awards grants to nonprofit organizations using funds raised by the Club. Applicants must meet the criteria stated in the application packet available.


  • Friends of Youth — counseling for students
  • Thayer Barn Community Art Center—stabilization cost
  • Snoqualmie Valley Community Network— suicide prevention
  • Bridge of Promise – camp supplies
  • Scholarships — award given to two high school seniors every year
  • Camp Korey – bed linens, special van, washing machines
  • Acres of Diamonds – generator
  • Duvall Police — police dog and protective vest, defibrillators
  • Sno Valley Senior Center — Re-In Carnation Thrift Store


  • Soldier Gifts—pack and ship to service individuals over seas
  • Veteran’s Breakfast – serve at Senior Center annually
  • Holiday Families – provide gifts and bags of food for needy families
  • Holiday Heifer – take photos of children with ‘holiday young calf’
  • Bridge painting – repainted old bridge abutment picture
  • Valley farms – cleared plants, gave food to Northwest Harvest
  • Dog fountain – purchased and installed at park path
  • Student of the Month – honor high school student
  • Books of the World—collected and sent to South Africa
  • Polio—join 1.2 million members world wide to end polio
  • Hopelink—gathered school supplies
  • Dougherty Home – rebuilt bunkhouse, cleared yard


Mike Chapman
President 2022-2023
Patricia Chapman
Immediate Past President + Community Service Chair
Sarah Lowell
Sandy DuVall
Philip Brautigam
Public Image Chair
+ Webmaster/Filmmaker
Jay Fiske
Membership Chair
Carol Van Noy
Club Service Chair
Gerald A. Sprute
International Service Chair + President Elect
Dr. Susan Leach
Vocational Service Chair


Explore Our Award Winning Rotary Club!

Check Out What Our Morning Meetings are Like.
Enjoy fellowship, food, fun and guest speakers!
We meet most Wednesday mornings 7:15-8:30am at the

WED 7:30am Riverview School District

15510 – 1st Ave. NE, Duvall, WA 98019


Every third Wednesday of the month 6-7:30pm at a different, special location!

In November 2021, we met at the:

Duvall Distillery
15922 Main St NE
Duvall, WA 98019

Duvall Distillery

We would love to meet YOU!


There are 7,655 (2018) people living in Duvall and it is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. The city was named after James Duvall, a logger, who homesteaded here in 1871. We are a small, yet diverse city, rich in history and tradition. Our residents represent many walks of life and represent an exciting cross section of occupations and cultures.

Duvall is located on SR-203, approximately 25 miles northeast of Seattle, halfway between Monroe and Carnation, and is fast becoming a favorite residential community for both commuters and for those who choose to conduct business in a small town setting.

As of 2020: 11th wealthiest zip code in Washington State 98019

Carnation is a rural western Washington community of 2,220 residents that is approximately 1.1 square miles in size.  Within easy reach of Seattle, Carnation features an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor experiences.  Framed by the Cascade foothills and located where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers meet, Carnation is in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the Northwest.

Carnation offers biking, hiking, camping, and fishing.  In our downtown, you can visit our unique shops and restaurants.  Carnation is your natural destination.


contact us:

Rotary Club of Duvall

PO Box 153
Duvall, WA 98019

Rotary Foundation of Duvall

PO Box 1642
Duvall, WA 98019

Duvall Has Heart 2022 video1

Duvall Has Heart 2022 video2

Duvall Has Heart 2022 video3

Duvall Has Heart 2022 video4

Duvall Has Heart 2022 video-gratitude