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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Duvall (and Carnation)! We are a local chapter of the Rotary International service organization, where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.


Imagine Sharing…

  • Friendship
    • People of like mind
    • A basic human need: one of two reasons Paul Harris began Rotary in 1905
  • Business Development
    • Networking: second reason for Rotary’s founding
  • Leadership Development
    • Rotary club positions: committees and involvement
  • Community
    • Community citizen: contribute locally in activities
    • Give back to the community
    • Present yourself to the community
  • Fun
    • Rotary is fun. Club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. Service is fun.
  • Citizenship in the World
    • Instant friends: Rotary Clubs throughout the world
  • Family Programs
    • Youth programs: high school and college clubs
  • Vocational Skills
    • Growth and development: Rotary encourages sharing knowledge
  • Ethics Reinforcement
    • Rotary 4-Way Test: ethical standards to be followed in business and personal relationships
  • Cultural Awareness
    • Many of the world’s prominent citizens are Rotarians


First Step for Becoming a Member of the Rotary Club of Duvall

Potential members are invited to attend a minimum of three meetings to see what the club is about and if it is a good fit.


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Enjoy fellowship, food, fun and guest speakers!
We meet most Wednesday mornings 7:15-8:30am at the

Riverview School District Assembly Hall
15510 First Ave. NE
Duvall, WA 98019


Every third Wednesday of the month 6-7:30pm at a different, special location!

In November 2021, we met at the:

Duvall Distillery
15922 Main St NE
Duvall, WA 98019

Duvall Distillery

We would love to meet YOU!


The Rest of the Process for Becoming a Member of the Rotary Club of Duvall

Step 2:
The potential member will identify a club sponsor who will support them in completing the application process.

Step 3:
The sponsor will work with the potential member to submit an Application for Membership and the potential member will submit the $50 admission fee.

Step 4:
The Board of Directors will review the application and determine whether or not to present the potential member to the full club as a potential member. If the board votes to present the potential member to the full club, an email will be sent to the club seeking input about the potential member.

Step 5:
Once the full club has had a minimum of three days to respond, the Board of Directors will review any input and vote on whether or not to extend an invitation to join the club.

Step 6:
Once approved for membership, the approved candidate is announced to the membership (and must be present) at three Rotary Club meetings.

Step 7:
The Membership Chair schedules the induction ceremony and secures the folder, certificate, and pin that will be given to the new member.

Step 8:
The Membership Chair will distribute the approved application to the Secretary and to the Treasurer, so that the member-to-be may be added into our records and accounting system. Treasurer is responsible for communicating the new member join date, contact information, etc. to the bookkeepers for proper invoicing. Secretary is responsible for updating DacDB with the new member information from the application form, including contact information, join date, etc. and informing the Treasurer about the new official membership data.

Ask a Duvall Rotarian!

Rotary Club of Duvall
PO Box 153
Duvall, WA 98019